Understanding Mental Illness

There are three basic forms of mental illness in mankind: Schizoid, S.A.D., and Psychopathy. Our mind exists in a state of Duality between the Quantum/Existential Singularity (God) where thoughts are formed, and our brains, where they are processed locally to create choices and set the body to fulfilling those choices.

Schizoid affliction is when information within the Singularity that is not meant for your brain, enters your brain. This typically only occurs in people with high intelligence, because intelligence is a measure of bandwidth available to the brain, which makes it more difficult to filter, and occasionally the filter breaks down to the point that interference gets through. Brain injuries can also cause this condition.

If the interference cannot be channeled separately, then the brain cannot manage the chaos and schizophrenia ensues. If the the interference can be channeled, then the brain can form a splitter, allowing the the addressed information to be processed normally, while the interference information just flows through like an expressway and back out. With this Genius ensues, because they have all that information flowing by they can look at and take if they want. Since they choose to access the information, no chaos comes from it and it can be put to use. The most common manifestation of this condition leads to Artists who usually have 120-140 I.Qs. This situation can also occur in old age filter degradation leading to dementia, or can have the opposite reaction of connection degradation which leads to loss of brain function.

S.A.D. Disorders; Suicidal, Addictive, & Depressive, disorders are a result of us failing to follow our only evolutionary instruction, “Be kind and take care of each other.” We do not do this as societies, much less species. We choose to live off the profits from human suffering, the natural evolutionary reaction to that is make us feel bad so we change the choices we make improperly. The “Meaning of Life” is choosing to evolve, to learn to make constructive choices rather than destructive choices. In the end we make destructive choices because they are fun and easy, and add to the convenience in our lives, and move us forward in “The Game of Most” that we as a species have chosen as “The meaning of life.” One of the features of Free Will, we create the lives we choose, and these are the lives we have chosen, lives that that provide chaos because everyone is choosing to compete against each other and for themselves, when evolution requires them to compete with each other to the benefit of Humanity as a whole, and choose to form the Human Superego.

Psychopathic Disorders aren’t technically an Illness or disorder, they are a defect. 1% of humans have a broken genetic code which leaves them void of compassion. The are unaware of the other humans in the Humanity Cell within the Singularity. The rest of psychopathy is a defect in choice, and it is this psychopathy that leads to the S.A.D. conditions.

We choose to treat other humans psychopathically. Our very economy is based in the psychopathic profiting from slaves and the exploitation of Human Suffering. By joining the cooperative effort to create the Hydrogen Economy, not only does one stand to increase their prosperity; one helps bring an end not only to the exploited to end their suffering, one helps bring an end to the exploiter’s suffering as well. All parties benefit in all ways, this is a 0 loss situation, because the only things we give up, are the things that hold us back.

“Be kind and take care of each other.” It’s really not going to be difficult at all to do, it’s a simple choice away. All the infrastructure is already available, we just need to change how we choose to use it. We can use it to help each other, or we can use it to exploit each other. This is a choice we each have to make individually to evolve into a full Quantum Creator Species. Evolution requires us to prove ourselves capable of future functions, and we do not, simply because we hate to play nice and share, and we have chosen spoiled brats who have no concept of enough to be our roll models; then we pay them for their leadership in how to be more psychopathic, believing that being more like them will solve our problems; but it won’t. I have worked for billionaires running their yachts, they suffer from S.A.D. disorders same as everyone.

None of these disorders is mutually exclusive, and any combination can exist in anyone.