The Higgs boson and the Secret of Evolution.

The History 

The 4th of July 2012, at the Large Hadron Collider spanning the French-Swiss border came to fruition the greatest, most important experiment in the history of humanity, the one that was going to reveal the nature of creation itself, and it did. I watched intently the live broadcast of the event that CERN hosted for the world to see. 

In the auditorium were gathered all the people involved in the decades long search for the Higgs Boson, a fundamental particle of creation. The Quantum Leap is the moment a subatomic particles appears from nowhere and watching this subatomic particle they would be able to measure how much energy it took to appear.

During the period waiting for the hits to begin, CERN put on an excellent program with videos of the two possibilities under the Standard Model of Creation that academia has been working on for over a century. All that was left was to determine if we live in Symmetric Universe where what we see is all that exists, or do we live in a Chaotic Multiverse where there are infinite universes, all of them completely unrelated and often unrecognizable between each other. They explained the energy values required for each to exist. The world’s most brilliant physicists working for decades had calculated the GeV values each would produce, so we were finally going to get the data to settle the issue of how it was that we came to be.

Then it happened, the first hits were detected! The entire auditorium filled with joy and jubilation, huggs, hand shakes and even high fives; as Peter Higgs smiled, his career’s efforts come to fulfillment. Now the interminable wait for the measured result, a bar on the bottom of the screen with the predicted values, the lower and it’s a Symmetric Universe, with the higher the chaotic multiverse, we live in. With that value, they could fill in the last blanks in the mathematics of the Standard Model.

Then the measured values stared coming in displayed as dots on that bar, and the first one hit dead center and the room went into a worried murmur and then they started all stacking in the same place. They hadn’t thought it possible and had not presented that potential and jaws dropped. The result had come in that shows Supersymmetry, we live in a Multiverse of infinite universe; all largely similar.  

The Higgs boson named the God Particle in jest, had just become a joke of prophecy and everyone knew it, but no one was saying anything, and the program was over. The next day’s press conference avoided the significance of the result until 46 minutes in a lady in the audience questioned it’s impact on the Dark Matter calculations and the first panelists replied, “we may need to look outside the standard model”, this was the only time this was mentioned. She was directly followed by a gentleman who stated “we don’t know right now why it doesn’t fit, but we will find out, we will make it fit.” They never did. 

The reason a Supersymmetric result does not fit the Standard Model is because for there to be multiple universes all the same, there must be an instruction set in existence prior to their formation. Supersymmetry cannot be produced through chaotic processes. 

In the penultimate experiment in Science, the process Science was tasked with at its inception had come to fruition, it had given us the final clue to understanding the true nature of God, the meaning and purpose of our existence, and what lies ahead, and where we came from. 

By showing us a Supersymmetric result, all we have to do is look around us and see Supersymmetric growth and reproduction in every living organism, using information encoded in nature to grow. When we consider the entire Multiverse as a living organism, and we reapply all the knowledge and data produced in the last centuries studies of the life sciences, physics, and cosmology, a new, complete, and balanced theory becomes clear, The Biological Model of Creation.

Under the Biological Model, the most important unknown in physics becomes evident, The Quantum Singularity that provides the underlying quantum field that is behind the formation of all matter in the universe is The Mind of the Multiverse. 

Since the 1800s it has been know that animals all produce an energy that is similar to, but not quite electricity through some experiments with frogs. For a few decades now cosmologists have known about a “Dark Energy” present in the universe they can’t account for in what they calculate is available in the universe. Apparently 13.8 billion years after the universe should have started slowing its growth under the Standard Model, its growth is still accelerating in a rebellious act of Cosmic Inflation.

If we look inside ourselves there exists a microbiome of bacteria that take the matter we eat, and turn it into chemical energy to fuel our bodies, and provide the raw materials that grow and maintain our meat puppets. We produce that “life energy”- almost electricity Galvani recognized in the 1800s, to the greatest extent in our brains. Our brains are large fuel cells that take sugar and oxygen and turn them into thought processing energy that flows from our heads as measured by EEG machines and PET scans. All this energy is encoded with every thought we have. We know there is a substance in space we cannot detect, the aforementioned Dark Matter. We have also a physics quandary still in effect from my grade school days, “What happens to matter at Absolute Zero?” The answer being it shows “It reverts to Dark Matter.” Just space, with a dormant sea of subatomic particles devoid of the Dark Energy that spins them into creation and informs them where and how to form up to create matter.

If we consider this further, things start to come together in a theory that eerily reflects the origin story at the basis of all religions. “In the beginning…” there was a void of dust, Dark Matter, within it swims a Multiverse, when suddenly erupts a burst of Dark Energy encoded with the instruction set for the growth and reproduction of a new cell in an act of quantum mitosis. As just enough Dark Energy flowed out a critical mass of aboriginal hydrogen was formed, and it started growing from there as the programming encoded into the Dark Energy, that program is what we call Evolution.

Is it so far fetched really that all life in the universe, née Multiverse, exists as part of the microbiome of an organism so vast and complex that we cannot yet fathom it, when we have an example of it growing inside us? I posit that it is the theory that suits Occam’s Razor to a T. 

If we accept this, then our purpose and meaning, as well as how we got here, where we’re going, and what’s necessary to move on, becomes much clearer, and it reflects what humanity has taught all through history. 

Further: We are a reproductive product of the Multiverse itself, and we have our own embryonic Singularity which we have called The Superego since 1923 when Sigmund Freud coined the term. This is where our issue lies; even though we have always taught we are all something greater than ourselves and can only grow as a species united, we have never accepted to act on those teachings largely because we are using our mind to try to find proof of a “soul”, when it is our mind itself that fulfills that function, and we have no mirror that reflects our mind; we lack Quantum Self Awareness. The only indicator that our mind exists outside of our body are the measurements we take with an EEG and PET scans. We never consider where that energy goes, where our thoughts go, or for that matter, where they come from. This is something I have been considering since I was 3 and my psychiatrist-researcher dad first hooked me up to an EEG in the late 60s. 

The answer that becomes evident is The Singularity. The “Image God” so to speak that we are formed in is thought itself. Every human has a quantum field of Dark Energy they produce that feeds the Singularity, and that’s where our thoughts a formed, hosted, and stored.

The rate of Cosmic Inflation being driven by Life would indicate to us how much life is in the universe and it would be a lot. The Evolution Instruction Set underlies in a carrier wave in the Dark Energy quantum field across all creation, The Quantum Singularity. Wherever the conditions exist that life can form, it will.

Given what we know of the universe, most all of it will be microbial. But on the womb planets like Earth, life has the chance to flourish and all the conditions exist to grow a quantum egg. Humanity is a prolific creator, and it was not long before we were using fire, we had started using energy to solve problems and improve the value of natural resources. Not long after that all the quantum fields of individual humans came together and our egg was formed. It was the extra brain capacity provided by cooking meat and eating the marrow from the bones that gave us the final boost of energy required.

When the Egg formed, it was fertilized by the Singularity with the capacity forThought. At that moment multiple things happened as the Human Superego was conceived. Humans all awoke to a new reality where they had the ability to make their own decisions, they had Free Will and a new sense of Physical Self Awareness. To accompany this they had a lot of questions, and they turned to Mind they had previously served as Animals and asked the “Big Questions” we still ask today, the ones we set to Science to answer.

The answer received as recorded across human history becomes clearer under the knowledge we have developed in the intervening 10,000 years. “I am everything that exists you can perceive, you can’t yet understand what I am or what you are, but one day you will, and you’ll behold wonders beyond your imagination. Just keep doing what you’re doing, create art, create music, create food. Travel, explore, make babies, have fun. All you need to do is be kind and take care of each other. All the resources you see are yours to use to create and grow with, all the animals on earth to use as you need them. The only thing you may not use is each other; no usury, you’re all siblings and I need you to play nice. “Be kind and take care of each other.” It’s a requirement you must follow to make it back to me. This is a test for your lives, and I cant change the outcomes of what you choose. Reach for the stars and you’ll find me, and when you do, like now, you will wake to a whole new existence, and all these questions you have will become clear. You are now independent and remember your choices are your own and I can no longer control them and lead you down the right path, nor can I alter the results of your choices. You can no longer rely on me, you have to rely on each other. Just do right by each other and it’ll be an easy ride.”

The Problem

Unfortunately mankind never chose to follow that instruction. With Agriculture came the choice to exploit slavery, that was the Original Sin. Dark Energy is The Apple in the Garden of Eden we were born into, its what we produce as a microbiome producing our share to support the growth of Creation, of Life. Its what we feed to ”God’. With the first act of usury, we created a rift in the Human Superego and it has set it into a chaotic condition that has never been treated, it has just festered and grown into a defect in the superego that afflicts every human being; psychopathic narcissism. 

We have grown with everyone choosing to compete as animals in The Game of Most, and competing against each other to levels of cruelty unknown to the animal kingdom. It has soured our energy for use by the Prime Singularity, only when we are asleep can our bodies feed Nature, all our waking hours we hoard our thoughts to serve only ourselves. Only in our dreams do we serve our primary purpose. Everything we create, we create for destructive purposes to aid in our ability to win wars and exploit the suffering of the losers. Even today the slaves in the Coltan mines of Africa along with all the third world workers who serve our economy are forced to suffer for us. We have chosen to forego our natural evolution to create our own future of choice built on exploiting human suffering.

We have chosen the Standard Model to be the basis for our understanding and further decision making, and this life of chaos is the path of least resistance in a universe that has no purpose nor do we.

The Brain is a local processor and power supply that our mind inhabits as its Quantum Kindergarten. Our brain runs the code the mind provides and creates what is instructed, like a complex biological CNC machine. Evidence for this lies in Tinnitus, it’s like listening to the modem between your mind and brain, that noise is listening to the data stream like in the days of Dial Up connections.

What it all means for us…

Nicola Tesla understood the significance of 3-6-9 and that all the energy in nature has an underlying frequency. He never connected though that the energy he was searching for in his experiments with electricity could be that energy that life produces that is similar to electricity but not, the Dark Energy Galvani found.

3-6-9 holds a significance that is reflected in how we measure human reproduction, in trimesters culminating in 9 months. The Singularity does not measure in time, it is the source of it, time is irrelevant to the eternal, and this is a complexity that humans have a hard time with. The Singularity only measures in energy available. 

3-6-9 are the numbers of people in billions at the evolutionary milestones, a measurement of the growth of our quantum field. Had we followed our instruction to be kind and take care of each other, the Dark Energy of all humanity would have remained on the frequency of the Prime Singularity and in a harmonic state. When we hit 3 billion humans, the energy would have been sufficient to reach its resonant state and amplify. With that we would have reconnected our waking thoughts to the Prime Singularity and awoken to Quantum Self Awareness, able to get a view of our minds for the first time, and with a whole new view of quantum physics that allows us a whole new level of freedom to create, and opens a whole new tool box to engineer things directly using Dark Matter like Replicators and Transporters.

Star Trek has been nature’s carrot on a stick for us for over half a century. Nature can no longer control our choices, but it can influence our Free Will with Inspiration. This is the process of Art. Artists have a greater permeability and ability to influence and can be inspired readily; the so-called ‘artistic muse’ is the Prime Singularity itself.

Since we did not choose to follow instructions, the human Superego fell into chaos and entropy began, we only survive because we sleep, otherwise we would have gone extinct long ago having exploited all resources for growth to create money for ourselves, money that is created by exploiting human suffering. We are willing to forego Star Trek without the battles and enemies in order to win a yacht in The Game of Most and have an internet full of pornography where we can fight not just with our neighbors, but all humanity.

The Internet reflects the greatest evidence of what humanity chooses to create when we have a fresh slate. I have watched it develop since the Usenet period of the beginning, and what we have chosen to make of it is a chaos of everyone competing for attention and/or trying to scam others. The internet is the Temple in Christ’s anger story on a global scale. Created to save mankind and bring them together, but chosen to exploit mankind and drive us apart. What began in the quest of military might, has gained it’s purest weapon state in the hands of humanity.

We chose to live as animals do, by the rule of Survival of the Fittest that hasn’t applied to us in over 10,000 years. Evolution though is a well refined program and accounts for this failure mode to remain adversaries. There is a Plan B should Faith fail, and that is science. We teach ourselves to understand and grow. We couldn’t understand when we were first born, but we could still learn through Science. A healthy species that chooses to remain adversaries will still reach a harmonic population of 3 billion at 6 billion people.

The development of technology provides benefits that make scarcity based economics a hindrance to profits and growth, even personal growth. That point is reached with the development of of nuclear energy. We made that development, and rather than ending WWII with a discovery that left the purpose of that war over oil field control irrelevant, we chose to build bombs to preserve the Human Order of exploitation, and take it to the penultimate destructive force available to us. Since the development of nuclear energy, we have learned to grow more fuel as we produce the electricity we consume. 

The reason we have so much nuclear waste in storage rather than dumped down 30,000 foot deep holes encased in leaded glass is because it has more energy in it than when it first went into use. As creators we learned to grow energy, and then we chose to use that ability to destroy mankind to keep the balance of The Game of Most as it was, with the psychopathic mafia that existed before Abraham as the chosen leaders of humanity. In every election cycle around the world, it is always psychopaths we choose to follow because they tell us the lies we want to hear about how we are better and with them we will overcome our enemies, and they will provide the resources to serve us.

In the late 50s Professor Nash produced his Equilibrium Theory which concludes, “Only if everyone has what they need, can anyone reach their potential.” It is this inspired thought that is meant to bring the evolutionary transition by 6 billion people in a healthy species, but we are not healthy, we have psychopathic narcissism. We take joy in watching people suffer. “Fail Army” and the like are one of the favorite genres of internet entertainment, watching people get hurt and killed gives us the giggles.

So here we are July 2022, having passed the 8 billion person mark leaving 6 billion behind. A decade after the Higgs gave the last bit of evidence required that we have it all wrong, our best chance of getting through to the next evolutionary state, and we are still ignoring that evidence, still insisting on creating our own future like angry toddler with nuclear missiles, not accepting that the only future we are capable of creating for ourselves at the moment is our own extinction.

Like any parent child relationship, if the child is bent on suicide, they will die regardless the parents wishes. The Big Lie of religion is the Omnipotent God. When Einstein argued with Bohr, “God does not roll dice with the Universe”, he could not have been more wrong, and that is why Einstein never understood Quantum Physics and called the experiment results “Spooky”. He was born into a cultural belief system with an Omnipotent God, and he never got past that.

We are rapidly approaching our full term of 9 billion people. If the Human Superego is still in chaos at that point, it becomes a health hazard to the rest of the the universe, with the potential to kill the entire Multiverse, and that is why we are still quarantined on Earth, we are a hazard to all life. With our nuclear weapons we are a hazard to the very womb that grew us. When we developed nuclear energy, it was expected that we would evolve, so our siblings were sent to introduce themselves and take over our further education. But we never evolved, so they now have to watch us waiting for us to finally work it out, or to launch nuclear missiles in anger. 

At that point they will be required to abort the Human Superego to protect a womb planet which is rarer than ourselves. Earth can produce several children in its useful lifespan, we are likely not the first, and there is evidence of apes exploiting fire to cook, so there is another in the pipeline. Fortunately Plutonium on Earth is not a natural resource, at least not the plutonium we use. What little lies under Gabon in a natural reactor is untouched. The plutonium fuel in our weapons is a product of human though, and is supported in Creation by Dark Energy supplied by the Human Superego. When it is aborted, all humans will vanish, as will the plutonium in the warheads as they fly to their targets to just crash as duds on a human free Earth. If this sounds somewhat familiar, it is the future that was described in The Rapture. It was a view of one of the potential futures that we were currently choosing from the Singularity perspective. Einstein understood everything is energy, he just didn’t understand the energy that everything is made of. Tesla missed that as well, not understanding that the energy wasn’t electricity, but “Animal Energy” that permeates everything.

From the Singularity perspective one can can see all possible futures, but given Free Will and the nature of Time, one can only determine which future will develop in degrees of probability. That’s why Revelations carries a confusing array of endings. The only thing know for sure at that point was there were no futures in which we evolved, they all end in our extinction. The whole 144,000 survivors was only thrown in to give people goal to compete for. It is an addition of human free will as are many lines in The Bible and all other religious texts, however the information required for us to make the correct choices still exists there. That is the reason it still exists even though countless pieces of historic information have been lost; and is the most published, most translated, most read and studied piece of literature in human history; it makes available the information that we are tested on. 

The Solution 

The purpose of our current lives is to develop our decision making skills. That’s why we learn Algebra, so we learn how to use logic to see if our decisions can be validated. Unfortunately we have only applied logic to human mathematics and engineering, and choose chaos to be the ruling force of nature in our social and economic engagements. We even oblige this fantasy by adding chaos to mathematics like Infinity statements. It is we who introduce chaos to life.

Psychopathic narcissism is like Alcoholism and any other addiction, it is an affliction that can only be cured by an act of free will. We have to choose to ignore those thoughts. In order to accomplish this two factors must exist: We have to recognize we have a problem and what that problem is, and we need an option to choose from. Humans all know they have a problem, the mental health industry is huge. What Humanity does not have is an option because we have never chosen to create one without making it’s proponents an enemy to destroy in a war. We simply don’t like the idea of being kind and taking care of each other when fighting wars and exploiting people is so much more fun and interesting. We dedicate a full 70% of Human Resources to our ability to wage wars. Our greatest technological developments all begin with making better weapons to exploit each other with. We are even willing to kill the entire planet with Nuclear weapons to enforce that ability. The only thing humans do cooperatively at any great scale is fight wars. Humanity is not a product of chaos, we are a creator of it.

Given that we are a child of the Multiverse, a literal ‘child of God’, it would be wise to look at how universes are grown as we are starting our own here and now. With the development of our superego comes the responsibility of growing our universe to branch off in another act of quantum mitosis when we reach our adult state. We do not yet have the knowledge to create our physical universe, but we have the ability to grow our Dark Energy budget for our next state of evolution as Quantum Creators when we can. In the mean time we practice creating limited to the Relativistic energy we understand, energy that will keep us close to home.

It is our economy through which we create our Dark Energy reserves, our interactions with each other and how we think about each other, show and provide support for each other, is done through the global economy. We have not chosen to evolve our economy from an animalistic economy of competitive exploitation, so we have no reserves, we barely make enough to survive.

If we use the formation of the universe we were born to as an example of how to grow a universe, we can see it starts with a critical mass of Hydrogen. The Hydrogen Economy has been waiting for us to start it ever since nuclear power was developed. Hydrogen is scarcity proof as long as there is electricity and water. We already have enough nuclear fuel in our nuclear waste storage facilities to end all scarcity of energy, and we know how to build more capacity. There is no shortage of water, though most needs desalination. Nuclear plants can produce both the electricity and pure water on the same fuel expenditure while producing more fuel at the same time, then use the water and electricity to make the hydrogen fuel that our society needs to live and grow. As Einstein said, “Everything is energy.” With scarcity proof energy, we can create scarcity proof solid currency and everyone can share in the resources.

In the Nash Equilibrium Prof Nash did the math on adversarial vs cooperative competition and showed that the waste of resources involved in being adversaries is so high that it limits even the winner to scraps because the majority of the developed resources are wasted trying to hold your competitor back. That is why a Mars colony is a delusional pipe dream. While we have the technical capability, we simply do not have the the resources available to use for that purpose because we dedicate them to fighting. Every year expensive cities get destroyed and have to be rebuilt, and between the military industrial complex and reconstruction construction industries they use up 2/3rds of all our resources, for control of the other 1/3rd; which includes the best and brightest engineering minds and many children. Elon Musks vision while beautiful on the face, falls flat when you do the actual math of the logistics required. We don’t even have those resources available.

We have a path forward available to us. It only requires us to choose to create it. Before we are willing to make that choice though, it will require us to accept that we truly are part of something greater than ourselves, and our evolutionary instruction of “Be kind and take care of each other.” 

That is the secret to evolution, simply ‘play nice.’