Humanitarian Ship

As the container ship fleet increases to grow into the ULCS with more and bigger ships underway, we have an opportunity. Due to the Panama Canal expansion, we are seeing a major scrapping program among the Panamax class container ships, many relatively new in the lifespan of a ship.

Given an average capacity of 2500 40′ containers and the ability to house 20 refugees ¬†comfortably, and more intermittently, per container, these can be used both short and long term solutions to refugee issues in crisis areas. The large engines also can have large generators hooked to them to fill in essential power requirements in stricken areas. They can also provide large quantities of fresh water.

Due to the easy convertibility of capabilities given the nature of containerships, exactly how much of what needs space and weight is dedicated to can be changed as the  situation moves forward. Medical facilities and dense barracks can be replaced with family dwellings and greenhouse containers as housing becomes again available and the emergent care needs are satisfied.

With greenhouse technology replacement food crops can be started immediately, and be maintained year round regardless the climate.

This is a perfect opportunity for industry to take their salvage and give it a second life serving mankind.