How to Create the Hydrogen Economy from Nuclear Waste.

Creating a replacement economy from nuclear waste.

Nuclear waste is the greatest waste of all, because within it lies humanity’s future economy. Our current economy still is based in the exploitation of human suffering.

Nuclear waste is stored within our biosphere rather than being dumped down 30,000’ deep holes where it can do no harm because it is more energy rich now than it was when it was a fresh pellet. We know how to ’grow energy’ to an extent where there is never going to be a scarcity problem ever again. The only reason ’nuclear waste’ exists is because the way we grew energy was creating improved Plutonium atoms out of Uranium. We improved the chemistry of nature and made a profit in energy available. Instead of choosing to take that profit to end scarcity based economics and the profiting off slavery and human suffering as the foundation of our capital supply; we chose to build bombs instead. 70 years after the Nash Equilibrium proved, “Not until everyone has what they need, can anyone achieve their potential”, we still choose to profit through denying the humans that provide for us the minerals from the earth, the very food and clean water required for human existence, to the very minimum requirement to support life long enough to generate a profit. There are no foreigners in the human race, our economy is psychopathic. Our solution to everything is to wage war on it and destroy it before it can grow.

We have the opportunity to turn all that nuclear waste into a new source of currency through to growth of a new hydrogen fuel market. We can replace Oil and Gas as a fuel source and replace it with carbon free hydrogen.

Using hydrogen as a common fuel supply we can use it to back a common solid currency with an advantage over gold and silver based, even Petrodollar based, currency; it is scarcity proof. As long as electricity and water exists, hydrogen can be produced, easier than even Cryptocurrency. It is a scarcity proof commodity of true intrinsic value to everyone equally, and can be produced by everyone at home. It meets the solid currency requirements of Article 1, Section 10, of the U.S. Constitution as well so we can recover from our monopoly imposed fiat currency debt trap the Founders fought to avoid; and can put to end our long political nightmare. It the technology of today had existed in 1776 we would have the hydrogen economy today.

Home Hydrogen can add an entire level of production to our society that allows oil to be used as polymers to create high value structures in space, and gas to provide the fertilizer to feed people there.

We don’t need to replace much in our society to fix the foundation, we don’t need to destroy anything. We just have to create an alternative supply of capital/currency that has a ubiquitous value to everyone to trade on that provides for the basic needs of society, and can invest in industry projects that serve the benefits of humanity and society as a global whole. The hydrogen economy provides the ultimate economic democracy, because the public at large controls the source of capital. No monopoly can block the progress of humanity, because the source of funding that advance is infinite.

In the end there will be a balance between the capital systems that safeguards the basic needs of a peaceful society, and we can have eliminated the slavery from The Game of Most so it isn’t psychopathic any more. This is how we achieve a balance between economic incentive and protection of the common good from manipulated market forces

The lack of a $15,000 Hydrogen generator is what is preventing the Hydrodollar market to be able to compete with the Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency markets. I have a design for just that, but due to the extreme pressures it will be capable of, it needs to go through an expensive engineering and testing program to create a marketable prototype. I cannot do this on my own, and since none of the engineering community that volunteered have time in their schedules, I need to pay for it all, and I don’t have the money. I figure $325,000 is what it’s going to take. Any donations either through the Donate button below to help are greatly appreciated and fully tax deductible, thanks..

Please donate, especially your time to spread the call for a better deal from our investment in our society and the use of our common resources and help make it happen. Cooperate and support the building of the infrastructure projects to bring the hydrogen to market. Mostly what I need though is a licensed engineer for the final piece of the system to make it work; a pressure vessel that can be shipped to every home. Everything else required us in place. The only thing lacking is a 700 bar hydrogen supply at a competitive price with a Cryptomine. I have a design, but need an engineer to bring it to market. If you cant provide engineering or manufacturing support, support in being able to pay one would be appreciated.