How to Create the Hydrogen Economy from Waste.

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Creating a replacement economy.

We waste a large amount of electricity every night during ‘off peak’ times. In 2016 2.8 trillion kWh of electricity were sold in the United States,  while 4.2 trillion kWh worth of electricity producing heat was generated.

This means that 1.4 trillion kWhs of electricity were wasted since electricity is an instantly perishing commodity. Using 50 kWh hrs of electricity per kilogram of Hydrogen by current commercial technology, that adds up to 28 billion kg of Hydrogen produced from the waste electricity.

As far as commodity value is concerned, the energy value is equivalent to a gallon of gasoline, and the water value is 9 liters of pure, fresh, water; water that can be reclaimed from polluted sources or sea water through solar and process waste heat of the electrolysis and generation process means adding a great deal of value in the elimination of that expense and goes a long way to securing the future of agriculture and human existence.

The current commercial cost of distilling a gallon of water is 25¢, and the kg of H2 will return 2.3 gallons of water, gives a value of 58¢. When added to the energy value given a current $2.50 gallon of gas, that brings the equivalent commodity value of a kg of H2 to over $3kg.

That is $84 billion dollars of available capital backing resource to create a Solid Currency from, using just what we waste into heat today. Speaking of which, we aren’t even going to get into the ecological benefits on this page, nor the symbiotic agricultural processes to grow more fuel and food value. That is a page unto its own and a major economic factor.

The fact that the process has produced the equivalent of 636 million barrels of oil displacement for vehicles. When one considers last year the U.S. consumed 3.2 billion gallons of gasoline, that is nearly 20% of the transportation fuel required. That is enough capacity to let the manufacturers get started with industrial scale production of fuel cells, along with industrial scale pricing. We already use Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodeium in current production cars in the catalytic converters.

This is before we even start increasing electric production, this is strictly what can be done with current waste. Current  off peak industrial rates are approx 2.8¢ per kWh, that means the electricity costs per kg of H2 is $1.40.

This means there is an Equivalent Capital Value excess of $1.60/kgH2. Otherwise stated, for every unit of backing resource consumed, two units of currency value were produced. Currency and capital become intrinsically scarcity proof, and there is excess capital to fund society.

Rather than having to pay taxes to fund our common needs and goals, we let natural resources and our need for energy provide that funding.

We don’t need to replace much in our society to fix the foundation, we don’t need to destroy anything. We just have to create an alternative supply of capital/currency that has a ubiquitous value to everyone to trade on that provides for the basic needs of society, and can invest in industry projects that serve he benefits of humanity and society as a global whole.

In the end there will be a balance between the capital systems that safeguards the basic needs of a peaceful society. This is how we achieve a balance between economic incentive and protection of the common good from manipulated market forces.

When hydrogen becomes a mass consumer commodity as the transportation industry starts bringing their market investment in H2 vehicle investment, and there has been a lot, the manufacturers have just been waiting on supply; people will start putting up more wind and solar collection capacity as it allows them to literally, “make money”.

The time has come for the end of Scarcity Based Economics and our Feudal society; there is no longer any need for it. It is counter evolutionary and holding us back from achieving what we are capable of as a species.

Please donate and help make it happen, cooperate and support the building of the infrastructure projects to bring the hydrogen to market.