Meet Elmore!

UAGE now has under contract the historic tug Elmore. Built in 1890 in Astoria, she has been a fixture workboat in various PNW trades, and most recently as a yacht for Dr and Mrs Meeks who cared for her greatly.

Her 1940 Atlas Imperial Diesel, 110 HP at 325 RPM.

In 1992 she was fitted with a freshly rebuilt, 1940 Atlas Imperial Diesel when her Caterpillar irreparably broke. This is the most advanced Atlas I have come across, in the beginning of my Captain career, I operated a 1927 Atlas in Westward, an old Geary motor yacht. It had an exposed cam and lifters that required hand oiling every 2 hours!

Going into the future, she will be run off used fryer oil, and hydrogen fuel self produced from solar panels and wind generator in a multifuel cycle, throttling in hydrogen gas to replace oil.

With her decks and walks all protected by solar panels and canvas, she will make a fine vessel to operate as a charter platform for photographing and filming the beauty of the Pacific Northwest on a trip that blends new fuel technology with old machine charm. Stay tuned for new updates after haul out and closing mid August.

A short video of her running.

Yay! New Running Video!