Meet Elmore!

UAGE now has under contract the historic tug Elmore. Built in 1890 in Astoria, she has been a fixture workboat in various PNW trades, and most recently as a yacht for Dr and Mrs Meeks who cared for her greatly.

Her 1940 Atlas Imperial Diesel, 110 HP at 325 RPM.

In 1992 she was fitted with a freshly rebuilt, 1940 Atlas Imperial Diesel when her Caterpillar irreparably broke. This is the most advanced Atlas I have come across, in the beginning of my Captain career, I operated a 1924 Atlas in Westward, an old Geary motor yacht. It had an exposed cam and lifters that required hand oiling every 2 hours!

Going into the future, she will be run off used fryer oil, and hydrogen fuel self produced from solar panels and wind generator in a multifuel cycle, throttling in hydrogen gas to replace oil.

With her decks and walks all protected by solar panels and canvas, she will make a fine vessel to operate as a charter platform for photographing and filming the beauty of the Pacific Northwest on a trip that blends new fuel technology with old machine charm. Stay tuned for new updates after haul out and closing mid August.

A short video of her running.

Yay! New Running Video!

Well, the work has begun, and as is typical, a can of worms has been opened. Apparently the lumber used on the foredeck in 2012 is all blow down from Mt St Helens, and is rapidly deteriorating. Time to stabilize it and get a proper sealed deck over it and see if it can be saved. Also have some new lumber going in down the port side deck. That I was planning on though. Wasn’t planning on the new lumber in the foredeck being junk though. I think that through a combination of old and new technology, we should be able to stabilize it and get some more life out of it.

The decking begins…
Ohhh my…