Elevator Pitch for the Politically Disenchanted

Well, help build a replacement foundation for our society to rest upon. Make it all irrelevant.

Don’t like what’s going on? Well help develop the Hydrogen Economy.  Get back to the Founder’s and Adam Smith’s rules of Capitalism where there is a free market on the capital supply, with a real resource to back the currency. When Hydrogen is that resource, and the primary source of consumer electricity and pure, fresh water, it has true human value at the broadest scale, and is relatively cheap and easy to produce when you produce in mass quantity; when you take all the waste electricity, from Off Peak Baseload and Renewable, we can create huge amounts of hydrogen from what we waste; enough to start a whole new economy that uses the intrinsic value and efficiency of hydrogen in providing for life; while simultaneously being so simple to produce, that literally everyone can afford to produce at some level. A person with a stationary bike generator, wind, or solar harvest can earn their way to a supplemental income producing hydrogen for a currency commodity.

We need to take the rules of economics back to Capitalism. We have given a private corporation a monopoly on our paper money supply, and against the Founder’s orders, we have a Debt based currency. No only that, we pay our Income Tax to a company that no one in government has any authority over; this is the exact Taxation Without Representation that the Founders started a revolution over… at 3%!!!.

Consumerism is not Capitalism, what we have is Financial Feudalism, and it’s with the same people running the show that the Founders revolted against. America surrendered the Declaration of Independence to the Federal Reserve for unlimited capacity to push debt into the markets. The problem is it’s all a Ponzi Scheme built on being able to force “foreigners”, people not as good or deserving as us, to take our debt in trade for 50% of the global resources annually, while 60% of the world’s population sends us the resources and labor in trade lives in abject poverty and even slavery. Slavery never ended as far as the Economy went, we just outsourced back to the Third World. This is what our Military Industrial Complex spends money on instead of moving us into space (which the people working there would much rather be doing if the had a source of capitalizing those programs.)

The only reason they get away with it is because WE CHOOSE TO LET THEM, IN FACT WE PAY THEM TO.

We can choose to put our money and effort elsewhere and just make them irrelevant to the economy, as individuals they no longer have the ability to influence the capital market, because there will be an alternative one that everyone on Earth will agree to.

We have the chance to seamlessly and bloodlessly evolve mankind into the future. The Hydrogen Economy has been suppressed for over 20 years now because anyone with any understanding of the global situation including the internal of the US understands that this is a game change of evolutionary leap proportions.

Everyone says “Evolution is a slow process” and while for the most part this is correct, the reason is that there are long periods where little to nothing changes. With regards to our social evolution we have been failing for 4000 years, ever since a man declared it was okay to take advantage of the disadvantage of “others” but not your brother; ignoring that every human is your brother.

It is not until Usury is eliminated from the capital supply with there be peace, and not until then will we have the resources available to evolve into a space faring species and gain quantum self awareness. We have one evolutionary instruction everyone instinctively knows and all children are taught in the beginning, “Be kind and take care of each other. Treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Not until we pass that evolutionary test of Choosing of our own Free Will to follow that simple rule can we advance evolutionarily, and we are currently self destructing as a species. So we have reached one of those evolutionary points that marks the end of an epoch. You see, while evolution is slow on the grand scale, changes in evolutionary epochs are really “overnight” comparatively. The time has come to evolve or go extinct; here’s a way to evolve:

Philosophy for a new world