Community Center

The digital revolution in the consumer economy has seen large retail space around the country left vacant, and as Amazon continues to expand, this trend is unlikely to reverse.

Fortunately this leaves us with an excellent opportunity to create the agricultural, and hydrogen production infrastructure, around the nation to  provide hydrogen, food, and jobs within the affected communities. They also can house the homeless and at risk populations giving them a simple yet productive, safe, position in the community tending greenhouses.

There is also plenty of power available to support light industry within the community.

This format of social structuring allows for completely decentralized production of fuel, water, and food and giving control of what they produce locally, while trading within the greater CoOp economic structure where all produced hydrogen is made available to a central Treasury for conversion to currency.

This allows for us to finally achieve a resource based economy where natural resources support the common costs of society. With this we can finally afford to go to space because we will no longer need to waste all our resources in order to maintain the scarcity required to support the current economic markets.