The Big Picture

When we look at nature we see no energy process stand alone. Nature operates in ecosystems to make the most efficient use of resources. Everything is created from, and fueled by, the waste products of another creation. From stars creating heavier elements to decaying biomass and animal waste feeding new biomass, everything is symbiotic.

When the social mandate for the use of resources is to generate the greatest market values, this deters from efficient use of resources, because waste in consumer market equals profits in the supply markets.

When we combine hydrocarbon -electrical energy production, using the heat residue to distill water, and the CO2 to grow algae for current era carbon neutral fuel and livestock feed stock, and house it all in a facility that serves as the social safety net, huge benefits in both economy and ecology will result.

In order to evolve, we must first assure that everyone has ample access to food and water along with a generally safe living environment. Only those that feed the world will have earned the right to lead the world; because only then will people choose to follow. Free Will is a universal governing force, and only when a person chooses to be governed, will they be.

Hydrogen is the foundation of all creation for a very simple reason, it is the simplest and most efficient of all elements to convert between matter and energy.
Hydrogen as our primary consumer energy source serves us both in the stored energy phase as electricity, and in the depleted energy phase as pure water.

Hydrogen as the primary consumer fuel and water supply creates a commodity supply to base a currency on that has none of the scarcity issues of prior commodity based currencies; with this fiat currency and the associated costs and social complications become irrelevant. Not only that, when everyone with a solar panel, windmill…, and some water that needs purifying can literally “make money”, the entire concept of usury becomes obsolete. Scarcity based economy comes to an end.

Each kilogram of hydrogen carries the equivalent energy of a gallon of gasoline (14kWh electricity from 1 gal gas), and returns 9 liters of pure hot water for the consumer to use.
As a commodity it can deliver the equivalent of 14 kilograms of petroleum and water with a shipping weight of 1 kilogram.

When Adam Smith introduced the concept of Free Market Capitalism, it relied on Solid Currency; currency based on a backing hard commodity in reserve.
This allowed the Capital Market competition as well. In the early days of the United States, anyone with the silver and gold reserves could create currency.
With the Federal Reserve Act we created a monopoly on the capital supply.

What Alan Greenspan realized too late, as he testified to Congress in 2008: “There was a flaw in in my perception of the world works.” He finally realized that when he instituted Trickle Down Theory to a monopoly capital market that controls access to all the resources, he created a system of modern feudalism; a monopoly held by the same dynasties from whom the founders revolted.
He learned Ayn Rand was wrong, and there is no stewardship of mankind intent in the markets, only “more” for them as individuals competing for “the most.”

In our current global trade economy, we not only run a trade deficit, we pay for our trade in unfunded currency, this serves to take the wealth of other nations to serve our consumer economy. We gain comfort we have not earned on the backs of those suffering in the Third World and developing nations that have been accepting our IOUs in trade.

This is at the root of the wars we fight today as well as the rate of immigration. We promised that by trading on US Dollars, their lives would improve; they have not. Now they are coming here to collect on the promise.

Another major issue, our Welfare system is one that is designed in such a way that it creates divisiveness in general society while driving as much money as possible from the middle and lower classes into the consumer markets.

As a society, we accept these issues because there is no viable option presented, this is what is provided by those who have stewardship of our markets and government.
By using greenhouses as the ‘social safety net’ we can ‘catch the people who fall through the cracks’ of society. This is especially so for our veterans who struggle with PTSD after a cycle of destruction.

They’re caught in a net that provides an option to be productive in a community that is not a burden on society, but a productive community that provides not only domestic food, but food to fill our trade deficit, and back fill our promise that trading with us will bring them a better life. This will become even more effective as the co-op grows to a global scale.

By creating an urban agriculture infrastructure, we can create a new option, one that operates symbiotically in parallel with the current markets. The revolution will be one of irrelevance, as people choose the better option, the better goals.

The agricultural co-op also provides anyone else in the community membership on a 1x 3hr shift per week basis, allowing them their own connection with producing their food alongside those same people whom they considered ‘them’ prior.

Membership gains fuel, water, food, and general clinic health care benefits, along with access to the co-op credit union which supplies usury free capital for programs operated in the best interest of society.
This parallel socio-economic system allows for the best parts of a competitive market system to come through, while tempering its ability to negatively influence and abuse society on the whole.

The co-op can also provide education and manage expensive recreational benefits such as general aviation and recreational boating much more efficiently than the individual ownership model by optimizing asset usage to its life span. Most recreational equipment costs are wasted in underutilization. A Co-op model optimizes utilization and costs.

This can all be managed quite cost effectively by repurposing current infrastructure such as neighborhood retail, commercial, and industrial spaces that are becoming obsolete due to Internet based trade. Even the current glut of container ships due to the new ultra large ships now in service can be put into service for both energy and container based greenhouse production.