The Higg’s Boson and the Henningian Theory on Evolution.

Why we are what we are and where we’re going.

The Higg’s finding that no one ever hears about is very simple, they proved that Creation as we know it does not come as a product of chaotic accident. “Spontaneous Symmetry” is not a possible outcome of chaotic process, nor is it feasible to believe a billion, billion, billion accidental improvements all lined up to develop aboriginal hydrogen into what we have here on earth; especially with us, a creator species.

What CERN, as well as the last 100 years of academic research across many fields, has show the evidence to support is a model where Intelligence pre-exists creation, and the multiverse is created by a program. That program is transmitted by Life in the form of Dark Energy into a field of Dark Matter that surrounds all of us and everything, finally answering that age old Physics puzzle, “What happens to Matter at Absolute Zero?”; “It stops spinning and becomes Dark Matter.”

If you keep on going with this line of observational conclusions, and answer, “What is the meaning of Life, What is our purpose?”

If we consider that the entire Multiverse is a living organism, and The Singularity is a field of Dark Energy that serves as the central Mind, Evolution stands out as what every living thing has in common, it reproduces.

With the understanding that Information and Dark Energy are the underpinning of creation in this solid 3D hologram of Dark Energy playing out in Dark Matter, and the rarest thing we know of in the universe is the ability to think and solve problems to the point of being able to create our own universe and “Play God”; it hits you like a ton of bricks, Evolution is the reproductive process of the multiverse itself; of “God”. We as a species are quite literally a child of God.

Nobody wants this information though. People don’t want to accept our only evolutionary instruction, the one mankind has taught since the beginning of recorded history and is still to this day taught to every human kindergartener in one form or another: “Be kind and take care of each other.”

People are happy to accept the human suffering of others as the cost of our prosperity, more than willing to go to war and exploit the impoverished for a profit.

We have other choices, but we don’t choose them. That is why we are going extinct. The great lie religion teaches is that God is omnipotent. It is a parent child relationship, no matter what a parent does, you cannot save a self destructive child from their own choices if they choose not to be saved. The true answer to “Why does God let all these awful things happen?’” Is, “God can’t do anything about it. Nature is what nature is, and we choose to create misery for the masses so a few winners can live the life of luxury.” And then we teach them to “Go be winners.”

We just don’t want to take responsibility for humanity as individuals, and since that is an evolutionary necessity, we have chosen our extinction. We have chosen Armageddon for our future instead of Star Trek; all because of a lack of faith that there is more and better to all this than we can possibly imagine, and just be kind and take care of each other and let it happen.

There, Henningian Evolution for you, the model Physics doesn’t have to make excuses why it can violate thermodynamics. As a bonus we answer some of those old puzzles like, “What happens to Matter at Absolute Zero?” with ”It reverts back to Dark Matter.”, and “What Causes Gravity?” with “Spin! All created Matter is surrounded by Dark Matter like a fluidand the spinning subatomic particles drag them around and in like a rod spinning in water in space, pulling in closer.

Then we can also answer one of the newer mysteries as well, “How can the expansion of the universe still be accelerating?” with the most important answer of all. “Because life is expanding exponentially, and life creates the Dark Energy that feeds the Singularity that Creation forms around.

We can even take a pretty educated guess at what the multiverse looks like from outside: a pair of Nautilus side by side on the axis, one side Matter, the other Antimatter, each with multiple bladders containing a universe.

Why our immediate future is what it is:
The failure of mankind is square on the shoulders of the 19%. As all social species and many things in the universe there is an 80/20 divide. Basically 20% natural leaders, 80% natural followers.

You can’t blame the problem on the 80%, they have no other economic option to follow. That’s why suicide, addiction, and depression are rampant in our society. They know it’s all being done wrong but when they ask, “What can I do about it?” there is no answer to give them because this is all the 20% have chosen to create for our society.

Out of the 20% we have chosen to follow the 1% of the most psychopathic narcissists mankind has ever born, and enjoy playing their Game of Most, all the while the 19% knowing that it’s fucked up. They however play anyway, because they know how to be “Winners” in the game of most, prospering from the exploitation and suffering of the 80%. They know how to own yachts while children slave in the Congo for the minerals that allow their wealth, and sell you crap you don’t need and will throw away anyway, to get your money too.

You can’t blame the 1% for all this either, they are defective, they are what they are. They only get their power from the 19% who choose to lead the 80% to follow them.

When they, the 19% ask “What can I do?” and are faced with, “Help build the replacement economy that empowers everyone, and takes away the 1%’s capability of derailing human evolution” and give them a plan to follow that is already tax deductible; they stammer and balk and make excuses.

It is the 19% that is steering humanity to Armageddon rather than Star Trek because they CHOOSE to be psychopaths.

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