New Hydrodollar Generator GoFundMe. The lack of a $15,000 Hydrogen generator is what is preventing the Hydrodollar market to be able to compete with the Bitcoin and other Crypto Currency markets. I have a design for just that, but due to the extreme pressures it will be capable of, it needs to go through an expensive engineering and testing program to create a marketable prototype. I cannot do this on my own, and since none of the engineering community that volunteered have time in their schedules, I need to pay for it all, and I don’t have the money. I figure $325,000 is what it’s going to take. Any donations either through the GoFundMe or the Donate button below to help are greatly appreciated and fully tax deductible, thanks.

UAGE is a NFP Public Co-op with 501c3 status dedicated to starting the Hydrogen Economy as a parallel, competing, socio-economic foundation and bringing back Free Market Capitalism.

UAGE’s intent is to create projects from micro to macro scale to demonstrate the feasibility of Hydrogen as “Forever Fuel” being the basis of Resource Based Economics.



Why the Hydrogen Economy?

The Hydrogen Economy has been quashed for over 20 years because it provides a path to a scarcity proof Solid Currency, one that anyone can produce the backing resource for. Solid Currency was a base requirement in the founding of the United States; one that was given up December 23, 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act. With that we accepted a debt based economy to which we pay our Federal Income Tax to pay the debt service on.

We maintain a constant state of war in order to protect our economic model based in debt; a model the Founding Fathers of the United States forbade.

We can get out of the cycle of constant hate, we just have to choose to, and the Hydrogen Economy provides us the basic tool set to do so.

Einstein is quoted as having said, “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” It is time to quit making the mistakes of the past and do something different.

It’s time to help create a real change, and fortunately we have developed the technology that allows us to finally make that change; UAGE is determined to put that technology to use to provide proofs that people need.

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Community Center

The digital revolution in the consumer economy has seen large retail space around the country left vacant, and as Amazon continues to expand, this trend is unlikely to reverse.

Fortunately this leaves us with an excellent opportunity to create the agricultural, and hydrogen production infrastructure, around the nation to  provide hydrogen, food, and jobs within the affected communities. They also can house the homeless and at risk populations giving them a simple yet productive, safe, position in the community tending greenhouses.

There is also plenty of power available to support light industry within the community.

This format of social structuring allows for completely decentralized production of fuel, water, and food and giving control of what they produce locally, while trading within the greater CoOp economic structure where all produced hydrogen is made available to a central Treasury for conversion to currency.

This allows for us to finally achieve a resource based economy where natural resources support the common costs of society. With this we can finally afford to go to space because we will no longer need to waste all our resources in order to maintain the scarcity required to support the current economic markets.

Donations and Membership

UAGE is actively seeking sponsorship and donations of both physical and monetary resources which include Co-op membership. What is most needed is wind and solar electric production as well as hydrogen generation and consumption equipment; or the money to buy them with.

Sponsoring level membership gains sponsor endorsements of the projects on all social media videos and updates.

Please contribute as you can to help build a world we can all prosper in. Professor Nash was given awards for his Equilibrium mathematically proving what boils down to, “The best results for everyone are attained when we stop asking, ‘how do I help myself?’ and start asking, ‘how do I help others that helps me?'”

UAGE seeks to build that economic foundation that proves his math as correct.